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Six Spanish Wine Superstars

Six Spanish Wine Superstars

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    Spain has the largest vineyard area of all the major vine-growing countries in the world with close to one million hectares under vine – nearly ten billion square metres. That’s around 13% of the world’s vineyards. But it’s not quantity we’re interested in here. 


    The real reason we have adopted Spain as a country whose wines we want to get behind is simple – there’s such great value to be had, and so many exciting styles of wine from north to south and east to west.


    In this mixed case you will find 6 wines some from regions you may have heard of and others from lesser known regions. We have 2 luscious, dry whites, one of which is delicately effervescant. A pale, clean and crisp garnacha rosé that knocks any French example at double the price out of the water. 3 red wines all with marvellously engaging regional terroir, from bright and delicate to rich and hearty all nontheless very Spanish.


    All at a further discount to typical retail prices.


  • Contents

    1 x Fancy Pants Blanco, Carinena 2021

    1 x Aizpurua Txakoli Blanco, Basque Country 2022

    1 x El Otro Garnacha Rosado, Carinena 2021

    1 x Mitarte Maceración Carbónica, Rioja 2022

    1 x Viña Péon Mencia, Ribeira Sacra 2021

    1 x Convento San Francisco Roble, Ribera de Duero 2020

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