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Argentina's got range

Argentina's got range


  • Contents

    1 x De Rochebouet Extra Brut NV

    1 x Fantasia Sauvignon Blanc 2022

    1 x Recoleta Pedro Blanco 2023

    1 x Recoleta Criolla Grande 2023

    1 x Las Estelas Leticia Cabernet Cabernet 2022

    1 x Benegas Ataliva Malbec 2022

  • About

    Argentina is massive! Encompassing vast plains, deserts, tundra, forests, oceanic coastline and some of the most impressive mountains in the world, Her land mass of 1.7 million square miles represents 25% of the whole of South America. Widest at 880 miles across from east to west, and 2,360 miles long from the sub-tropical north to the sub-antarctic south, Argentina is big and Argentina is beautiful. The country’s primary wine growing province, Mendoza, is almost the size of England.


    The modern Argentine wine industry is still very young, with exports only really starting in earnest in the 1990s following – for one time only perhaps – the lead set by its neighbours on the other side of the Andes. The timing was perfect. The wine world was opening up to ever larger sections of populations throughout the world with the UK being no exception, and the styles of wine were extremely approachable and consumer friendly.


    Today, as a true player on the world wine stage, despite still only representing a small part of the UK market at around 3%, Argentina’s wines are very much in tune with the modern palate and often lead the field with innovation. With this in mind, please find a box of six wines that vary in style but all of which are full flavoured and well made examples of wines of superb quality.

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